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Why is Eavestrough Cleaning Important?

Why is Eavestrough Cleaning Important?

Eavestrough Cleaning is one area of home maintenance which many homeowners’ neglect. We’ll explain how your eavestroughs are a vital part of your home it is crucial they be properly maintained.

We understand you want to ensure that your eavestroughs are maintained but you’re busy with work, family, hobbies etc. and home maintenance can be easily forgotten about or on the bottom of life’s ‘to-do’ list. That’s where RMS can help! We can send you semi-annual reminders for this service to be completed. We send out reminders semi-annually – in the Spring and in the Fall. Once our reminder is sent, all you need to do is reply letting us know you want to proceed with eavestrough cleaning. We will schedule and coordinate this to be completed. RMS makes home maintenance that simple! We give you less to worry about in terms of home maintenance by removing it from your ’to-do’ list.

Here are the most common issues that can arise from improper eavestrough cleaning and maintenance. We’re not trying to scare you into regular maintenance. We want to educate you on this issues that can arise from improper maintenance and how they can impact your home on a larger scale.

Unwanted Guests – No, we are not talking about family members, friends or neighbours who drop by unannounced, especially when it is inconvenient (Sorry, we can’t help with those). We’re talking about critters and vermin such as squirrels, ants, and even termites (yikes!). These are guests no one wants, and they can do a lot of damage.

As eavestrough become full of debris such and organic material such as leaves, twigs and berries from nearby trees, pests may flock to the area. They see this debris as an all-you-can-eat buffet, and will even feast on your eavestroughs, which can pose a risk to the structure of your home. Carpenter ants LOVE to chew and can quickly damage your wood fascia and other structures.

Not only are these pests unwanted, but they can also be difficult to get rid off! You’ll have to contact an exterminator to remove these guests and you may have to have this done several times before you are finally free of them. Proper maintenance is much more cost effective and stress free.

Damage to the System – Weight from debris can lead to sagging eavestrough, clogged downspouts and other system concerns can quickly add up and damage the system. All these concerns impair proper water flow and damages the integrity of the gutter.

What can you do after this happens? Best case scenario, eavestrough can be repaired. Worst case scenario, you will have to replace the eavestrough system. This is a process that can be stressful, time consuming as well as expensive.

Proper maintenance is the most cost-effective and stress-free way to prevent this from happening and manage your gutter systems.

Water Damage – Eavestroughs properly flow of rainwater throughout the exterior of your home. This ensures water doesn’t build up on fascia boards. If not addressed quickly, collapsing and sagging eavestrough can result in roof leaks, foundation damage, structural damage, and serious damage to your shingles and roof.

Health concerns can also arise from mold and mildew, which is another consequence of water damage. These are difficult to eradicate and will require a contractor. Removing mold and mildew from eavestrough and other areas of the home are not DYI projects.

Proper Rain Flow – Stagnant water can not only damage your home, but you may also notice water overflows out of the sides of your eavestroughs. As water builds up and overflows, any structures nearby and underneath are at risk. Aside from a leaky roof, you may also find that parts of your landscaping become damaged

By cleaning your eavestrough, your system will stay in good condition, as will your home, other structures, and landscaping.

Respect Your Home – Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Yes, routine maintenance can be daunting and time consuming, but can eliminate costly long-term concerns and expensive repairs.

RMS has witnessed firsthand all the issues that can arise from improper care and maintenance of eavestroughs. We admit some of these can be scary and the resolutions can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be. How? We can take care of that for you. Just like the eavestrough cleaning, RMS can coordinate and complete any and all repairs that may be needed. We’re here to make your life easier and ensure your home maintenance is up to date! A healthy home is a happy home!

RMS – Your home, handled.

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