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Our Renovation Planning Process

Residential Maintenance Services is proud to offer renovations services to all our existing clients. Interested in doing a renovations project with us? Read on to learn about our process. Be sure to view our past renovation projects as well!

1. Initial Consultation

The client submits project scope and details to RMS.

2. Evaluation of Request

RMS evaluates the project request and advises if we can do it, taking into consideration the scope of work, location, budget, etc.

3. Initial Meeting & Site Measurements

RMS meets with the clients onsite to review the project details, take initial site measurements, and gain a better understanding of the requested project.

4. Estimated Budget

An estimated budget is prepared. Once the budget is approved, we move on to the design phase.

River View Kitchen 2.jpg

5. Design Plan and Presentation

Design plans and permit drawings are done at this time. A retainer will be required in order to have the drawings done. An additional site visit may be required if additional measurements are needed. RMS meets with the client onsite to present the design for their approval. 

6. Scope of Work and Contract

Once the design plan is approved, we create an itemized scope of work and contract. This is presented in person. Once approved, we move on to the materials and product sourcing phase.

7. Product and Materials Sourcing

Once the client is satisfied with the scope of work, and has signed the contract, we request a deposit. We then order all required products. Once these arrive, we can move on to the construction phase.

River View Kitchen 1.jpg
River View Kitchen 6.jpg

8. Project Fees

An initial retainer is followed with progress billings. A 15% holdback of the entire project cost is due 45 days after the project completion. 

9. Building Permits

All necessary building permits are obtained.

10. Project Commencement

Once all required materials, products, and subcontractor start dates have been confirmed we begin construction on your project.

11. Project Management

Regular project status meetings are held to address the status of the project, address any concerns, and amend contract values. A construction calendar documents the estimated time of various components of the construction process. It also allocates time for project review meetings with you.

12. Project Warranty

RMS warrants all labour for 1 year. Any product or material warranties will be per the supplier’s warranty policy and any warranty issues will be directed to RMS for resolution. Any products supplied by the customer will not be warrantied by RMS.

13. Project Cost and Timetable Amendments

Invariably there will be changes to the project scope of work as once we start demolition and we may identify issues that were not identified during the design process. In addition, customer initiated changes may warrant a change to the timetable. We recommend that the customer maintain a 5–10% reserve fund to cover any unforeseen changes or upgrades. All cost and timetable amendments will be documented and authorized by both RMS and the customer.

Your Home, Handled.

Ready to get started? Contact RMS today to discuss your renovation project!


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