There are hundreds of items that should be reviewed and maintained in your home on an annual basis. The RMS Total Home Care Program ensures that your home is well-maintained and that any repairs are handled quickly and efficiently.

The initial visit   


Our Certified Home Technician will complete a maintenance evaluation of the Edmonton home, inspecting and documenting all of its major systems including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and structural. We will then sit down with you to review the evaluation and make recommendations for immediate, seasonal, or deferred maintenance.


Future visits


Two weeks in advance of your scheduled service, we’ll contact you to confirm  the time and date and record any additional work you may need done. During the visit, our technician will attend to all the items on the seasonally-adjusted maintenance service order. Since we’ve already documented all the components in your home, we’ll make sure to have all the necessary parts with us. After the visit we’ll follow up with a report that identifies work completed, items that need additional attention now, and items we will monitor.


Which program is right for you?

RMS has programs to address different styles of home: single-family, condominium, semi-detached, and tenant-occupied. Our customized programs have been developed to ensure quality maintenance, no matter the size or type of home.

CONTACT US to find out more and arrange a complimentary home inspection!


RMS has developed an extensive maintenance program consisting of over 150 items that need to be adjusted, replaced, lubricated, tightened, inspected, and serviced throughout the year.  The pre-scheduled service program allows RMS Certified Home Technicians to service items these items proactively, thereby identifying minor issues before they become major repairs.

Following our initial visit and a needs-based analysis, RMS will propose a custom plan to suit your home. These range from our most comprehensive quarterly visits, for those homes in need of frequent check-ups, to condominium and townhouse visits, for properties which require little to no exterior maintenance, for example.

Each Edmonton property we work with is different, and RMS is proud to offer bespoke plans based specifically on homeowner requirements; every program we offer has been developed to minimize the homeowner’s involvement while ensuring quality maintenance.

View a basic outline of our services below. 

Mechanical Service

We service the mechanical parts of air-conditioning, heating, and other ventilating systems. Furnace, fan coils, heat pumps, boilers, whole house fans & more!

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Plumbing Service

The repair, alteration, or modification of the pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus used for bringing the water supply into a building. Anything to do with sinks, valves, toilets, showers & bathtubs.

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Electrical Service

Our team will service, repair, and maintain your home’s electrical/electronic equipment.

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Safety Inspection

During our safety inspections, we confirm that any safety equipment is properly working. This ranges from smoke detectors to backwater valves. 

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Appliance Service

Our team will diagnose & repair various home appliances: dishwashers, washers & dryers, refrigerators and more.

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Structural Service

We assess the structural components of the house – concrete foundations, walls, floors, all to ensure the structural integrity of the building.

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Exterior Service (Yard)

We’ll make sure your yard is safe and looking good from your landscaping, to your patio, to outdoor lighting. 

Exterior Inspection

We ensure the external components of your home are protecting the home from weather and rodent/bug intrusion.  


Each of our maintenance programs offers a great series of extra available for all RMS customers including renovations, general maintenance, subcontractor coordination, and more. 

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Emergency Call Centre

Homeowner emergencies are responded to immediately through our 24-hour emergency services provided for the exclusive use of RMS customers.


Let's face it: No matter how well-maintained your home is, things happen. When you sign up for one of our programs, you immediately gain access to our Emergency Call Centre. We're here to help Edmonton home owners, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

We can quickly access all of the information on your home and dispatch the right personnel when the need arises. If we think that the emergency warrants setting up a claim with your insurer, we can assist with that, too.

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