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Electrical Services Edmonton

Subscribing RMS homeowners have peace of mind that their electrical components are properly serviced. Our team at Residential Maintenance Services Inc.

is expertly trained in servicing, repairing and maintaining your home’s electrical components as

well as your electronic equipment.


Electrical repair and work are best left to the

professionals. Trying to “do-it-yourself” can lead to

serious injury to you and damage to your home.


Instead of taking that risk, why not let our experts

take care of the work for you? Here are the electrical

services we proudly offer:


GFCI Electrical Outlets and Receptacles

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets (GFCIs) are electrical outlets designed to reduce the risk of shock and electrocution. They can be installed in the interior or exterior of your home. You’ll know you have GFCI electrical outlets in your home if your outlets feature “TEST” and “RESET” buttons.


In your home, the flow of electricity is contained within insulated wires and the electrical current should run safely through them to switches and outlets.

However, electricity will always try to find a way to get to the ground. This unintended path is known as a “ground fault”.

GFCIs contain a sensor that monitors the flow of electricity and when it senses a ground fault, will shut off that flow to the outlet.  Thereby, reducing serious injury to the homeowner. These outlets are serviced, repaired, and maintained by our expert team at RMS.




AFCI Operation

Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are designed to detect arcing electrical faults in order to reduce electrical fires in your home. Arcing occurs when an electrical current flows through an unplanned path and creates a high-intensity heat. This can cause surrounding materials to ignite into flame.

AFCI and GFCI technologies complement each other nicely in providing complete protection to your home.

Ensure your AFCI is functioning properly by having RMS inspect this component.


Other Electrical Services

Apart from ensuring that your home and family are kept safe from injury and fire, RMS offers these electrical services as well:

  • Light bulb changes

  • Switch/plug replacement

  • Inspection of light operation (interior and exterior)


A Custom Plan to Suit Your Home

RMS offers a pre-scheduled service program that allows our technicians to service these items proactively, thereby identifying minor issues before they become major repairs. We understand that every Edmonton property is different, so we are proud to offer bespoke plans based on your requirements!

  • Quarterly: These services are performed four times per year on a seasonal basis and include a comprehensive list of items requiring attention.

  • Semi-Annual and Summer: This hybrid program offers twice-yearly service of your home’s most important interior items in the spring and fall as well as a summer inspection of your home’s exterior.

  • Semi-Annual: Best suited for townhouses and similar homes, this package includes a twice-yearly inspection performed at spring/summer and fall/winter intervals.

  • Condo: Our condominium program includes twice-yearly services on a made-to-measure basis performed at spring/summer and fall/winter intervals. This package only includes interior and emergency services.


Let’s Get in Touch!

Are you ready to have your home inspected and serviced?

Get in touch with RMS today to ensure all the components of your home are in working order!

Have an emergency? We can help with that too! Our Emergency Call Centre is available 24-7 to dispatch the right personnel to your home when the need arises.

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