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Edmonton Home Maintenance Renovation & Repair Extras

While our maintenance program ensures that your home is repaired when needed, we also offer more services to transform your house into the home of your dreams.


Our Certified Home Technicians have a deep understanding of the components of a house, as well as the likes and dislikes of homeowners. We are well suited to complete renovations, major repairs and remedial work.

Our maintenance program narrows in on the wishes of the homeowner, taking into consideration maintenance

aspects they want deferred, components of their home


they want to have monitored and wish list items of changes they would like to make. We manage your “Honey Do Lists.”


These Honey Do list items are brought forward every couple of years to review with the homeowner, ensuring that the work and maintenance is done to their specifications - and that their wish list items come true!




We bring your visions of a perfect home to life. Small or large, our team can either complete the work for you or if you have a contractor that you prefer to use, we can project manage the renovation with a third party contractor.


This way, you can choose who you want to do the work and we’ll make sure the project is overseen by an expert.

Whatever route you choose, rest assured the work will be done efficiently to the highest of standards.

Imagine having a brand new kitchen, updated bathroom, or simply a fresh look for your entire home! View our renovations gallery here, or learn more about our renovation process. 

Major Repairs


Even with regular maintenance and inspections, major repairs to your home are an inevitability.


From roof replacement, mechanical replacement, windows and doors, painting, landscaping - we can do it all!


We have a stable of vetted contractors who share RMS’s vision and values. We are more than happy to take the guesswork out of hiring contractors to carry out major repairs.


Don’t let your home fall into disarray - our professional services are available to help you keep your home in amazing shape.


Remedial Work


Are you tired of having the tasks on your “Honey-Do” list collecting dust and never getting done?


Our team at RMS excels in taking care of the smaller work needed to be done around your home!


While our regular contract servicing takes care of major components with your home, we inspect other items to determine if remedial handyman work is needed.


This may include replacing window cranks, door weather stripping, repairing damaged walls, cleaning and caulking showers, leaking faucet repair, and constructing decks and gazebos.


The list is endless! Why struggle to find the time to complete these tasks when a team of Expert Home Technicians is one phone call away from getting it done?

Choose RMS for Your All Your Home Needs


The benefit of having RMS carry out these services is that we know you and we know your home.


We understand your expectations and will take ownership of our work as well as warranty issues.


Our relationship alleviates the discomfort of having to hire an unknown tradesperson or contractor.


Who will you choose? Will they show up as expected? Will there be significant extras on the job? What is their experience and quality level? Do they respect financial and time budgets? Will they be around if you have a problem down the road?


We can’t speak for other contractors, but we know through our maintenance work that all these questions have already been answered for you!


So why not make your house the home of your dreams? Contact us today for more information on the extra services we offer!

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