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Mechanical Services Edmonton

Subscribing RMS homeowners have peace of mind that their mechanical components are properly serviced. We ensure that mechanical parts of air-conditioning, heating, and other ventilating systems including furnaces, fan coils, heat pumps, boilers, whole-house fans, and more!


Not only do we service them, but we inspect them

in order to proactively address potential issues before

 they become expensive problems.

Take a look at the mechanical services we offer.



Your furnace is integral in keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. 

To make sure you’re not left in the cold with a broken furnace system, RMS offers the following services:

  • Replacement, cleaning and inspection of all filters.

  • Safety inspections including gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

  • Inspection of ultraviolet light cleaner bulb, coolant lines and proper removal of condensate.

  • Confirmation of proper operation and safety of the entire unit.


Air conditioners

  • Cleaning of air conditioner screens, inspect concrete pad/wall mounting brackets for damage, and trimming of vegetation. Check the condition of coolant lines



If your home relies on hot water to heat your space, your boiler needs to be up to the task of warming your home and providing you with hot water.

Our mechanical services include the inspection and maintenance of residential boilers:

  • Inspection of operation parameters as per manufacturer’s standards, PSI and temperature readings.

  • Inspection for leaks.

  • Confirmation of recertification of check valves.

  • Confirm operation of recirculating pumps

  • Confirm operation of thermostat/floor/in-ground sensors

  • Confirmation of proper operation and safety of the entire unit.


Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Coming to the forefront of hot water heating is the tankless hot water heater. This innovative system provides energy savings over traditional water heaters.

Because this technology is innovative, having the proper mechanical care is crucial to ensure its proper operation. Here are the services we provide for tankless hot water heaters:

  • Confirmation of operation parameters per manufacturer’s standards, PSI and temperature readings.

  • Cleaning filters

  • Inspection for leaks.

  • Confirmation of proper operation and safety of the entire unit.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

While keeping your home warm in the winter, it is also important to ensure your interior environment has the proper ventilation. Heat recovery ventilators transfer stale, cool air into fresh intake air, removing excess moisture, odors and contaminants.

Keep your heat recovery ventilators top-notch by employing our services:

  • Inspect, change and clean filters.

  • Confirmation of proper operation and safety of the entire unit.



Balancing humidity levels is crucial in maintaining your home. Extra humidity in your home can lead to a host of problems, including mold, mildew and respiratory issues. While at the same time, a lack of humidity may also cause respiratory issues, it could cause damage to hardwood floors and furniture as these wood items starve for humidity and crack.

Our mechanical services can ensure that your humidifiers do their job in keeping your home and family healthy:

  • Replacement of media pad and solenoids.

  • Confirmation of proper operation and safety of the entire unit.


A Custom Plan to Suit Your Home

RMS offers a pre-scheduled service program that allows our technicians to service these items proactively, thereby identifying minor issues before they become major repairs.


We understand that every Edmonton property is different, so we are proud to offer bespoke plans based on your requirements!

  • Quarterly: These services are performed four times per year on a seasonal basis and include a comprehensive list of items requiring attention.

  • Semi-Annual and Summer: This hybrid program offers twice-yearly service of your home’s most important interior items in the spring and fall as well as a summer inspection of your home’s exterior.

  • Semi-Annual: Best suited for townhouses and similar homes, this package includes a twice-yearly service performed at spring/summer and fall/winter intervals.

  • Condo: Our condominium program includes twice-yearly services on a made-to-measure basis performed at spring/summer and fall/winter intervals. This package only includes interior and emergency services.


Our program offerings are based on the size of the home, the complexity of home components and occupant activity levels (A family of 4 requires more servicing than a pair of empty nesters).


Let’s Get in Touch!

Are you ready to have your home inspected and serviced?

Get in touch with RMS today to ensure all the components of your home are in working order!

Have an emergency? We can help with that too! Our Emergency Call Centre is available to subscribing RMS homeowners 24/7 to dispatch the right personnel to your home when the need arises.

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