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  • I have a new home warranty. Does it cover all the items that the RMS program does?
    ​A new home warranty is designed to cover builder deficiencies not maintenance items. However, even new homes require maintenance. In fact, experience has shown that homes 7 to 10 years old generally require the greatest level of support. This is because many people believe a new home doesn’t need servicing, which is as wrong as not servicing your new car. Maintaining your home even when it’s new will reduce the number of repairs and services required later on.
  • How will I know when you will be at my home?
    Two weeks before your scheduled visit, we will call and confirm the visit. During this call, you may give us instructions on any special repairs.
  • If I have an emergency, will you assist me?"
    ​Yes. We have a 24-hour emergency call line and will send the right service person to repair the problem.
  • How much money should I budget for home repairs?
    Canada Mortgage and Housing has identified that a homeowner’s annual budget for repairs and maintenance should range from 1% to 2% of a new home’s value. This includes establishing a sinking fund for major repairs. With an older home, this amount increases to 3% of the value. Using an average home value of $600,000 this translates between $6,000 to $18,000 per annum, based on the age of the home.
  • Do you use any other forms of communication to assist us with our home maintenance?
    We use email to inform our customers of activities that they can perform in maintaining their home; these include: - Annual security system test with security provider - Semi annual dishwasher cleaning - Semi annual/annual value added services
  • What kind of servicemen do you employ?
    All RMS servicemen are certified by us through a stringent quality management program. Certified Home Technicians are trained to be trouble-shooters, to identify minor repairs before they become major problems, and to effectively service home components.
  • ​How will I know what has to be done in my home?
    After each visit, the Certified Home Technician will leave you a Record of Service Performed.
  • ​How will I keep track of your documents?
    A Customer Service Binder is given to all customers. This binder stores emergency contact numbers, a strategic partners list, correspondence, records of services performed, invoices, component documentation, and a copy of the service agreement.
  • ​How do I subscribe to the RMS program?
    The process is simple: Contact us to arrange for a complimentary maintenance evaluation. This evaluation, completed by a Certified Home Technician, will document the current condition of your home and provide us with a baseline on what services are required. The maintenance evaluation will be compiled in a report for presentation to the homeowner. At the presentation, the results of the evaluation will be discussed and the benefits of subscribing to the RMS program will be highlighted. Sign your contract for annual services.
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