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Home component life

A well-built home can last for hundreds of years, but many of its parts must be replaced or renovated regularly. Here’s a sampling of the life expectancy for different products and materials used in the home, as listed in a report titled “1997 Housing Facts, Figures and Trends” published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) based in Washington, D.C.


Compactor: 10 years

Dishwasher: 10 years

Garbage disposal: 10 years

Dryer: 10 years

Freezer (compact): 12 years

Freezer (standard): 16 years

Microwave oven: 11 years

Range (free-standing and built-in, electric): 17 years

Range (free-standing and built-in, gas): 19 years

Range (high oven, gas): 14 years

Refrigerator (compact): 14 years

Refrigerator (standard): 17 years

Washer (automatic and compact): 13 years

Exhaust fan: 20 years


Cast iron bathtub: 50 years

Fibreglass bathtub and shower: 10-15 years

Shower door (average quality): 25 years

Toilet: 50 years


Kitchen cabinets: 15-20 years

Medicine cabinet/ bath vanity: 20 years


Laminate: 10-15 years

Ceramic tile (high-grade installation): Lifetime

Wood/ butcher block: 20+ years

Granite: 20+ years


Screen: 25-50 years

Interior (not perfect hollow core): <30 years

Interior (solid core wood): 30+ years

Exterior (protected overhang): 80-100 years

Exterior (unprotected/exposed): 25-30 years

Folding: 30+ years

Garage door: 25-50 years

Garage door opener: 10 years

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

Furnace (gas or oil-fired): 18 years

Air conditioning unit (central): 15 years

Air conditioning unit (window): 10 years

Humidifier: 8 years

Water heater (electric): 14 years

Water heater (gas): 13 years

Forced-air furnace, heat pump: 18 years

Home security & appliances

Intrusion system: 14 years

Smoke detector: 5-10 years

Smoke/fire/intrusion system: 10 years


Wooden deck: 15 years

Brick and concrete patio: 24 years

Tennis court: 10 years

Concrete walk: 24 years

Gravel walk: 4 years

Asphalt driveway: 10 years

Swimming pool: 18 years

Sprinkler system: 12 years

Fence: 12 years

Paints & stains

Exterior paint on wood, brick, and aluminium: 7-10 years

Interior wall paint: 5-10 years

Interior trim and door: 5-10 years

Interior wallpaper: 7 years


Waste pipe (concrete): 50-100 years

Waste pipe (cast iron): 75-100 years

Sinks (enamel steel): 15-20 years

Sinks (enamel cast iron): 25-30 years

Sinks (porcelain): 25-30 years

Finishes (waterproofing)

Paint, plaster, and stucco: 3-5 years

Sealer, silicone, and wax: 1-5 years


Oak or pine: Lifetime

Slate (flagstone): Lifetime

Vinyl sheet or tile: 20-30+ years

Terrazzo: Lifetime

Carpeting: 11 years

Marble: Lifetime

Footings & foundations

Poured: 200 years

Concrete block: 100 years

Cement: 50 years

Waterproofing (bituminous coating): 10 years

Termite-proofing: 5 years

Baseboard system: 20 years


Asphalt and wood shingles/shakes: 15-30 years

Tile: 50 years

Slate: 50-100 years

Sheet metal: 20-50 years

Built-up roofing (asphalt): 25 years

Built-up roofing (coat and tar): 30 years

Asphalt composition shingle: 15-30 years

Asphalt overlay: 25-35 years


Gutters and downspouts: 30 years

Siding (wood): 10-100 years

Siding (steel): 50+ years

Siding (vinyl): 50 years


Window glazing: 20 years

Wood casement: 20-50 years

Aluminium casement: 10-20 years

Screen: 25-50 years

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