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Exterior Services

Our team at Residential Maintenance Services will make sure your yard is safe and looking good!


From your landscaping to your patio and outdoor lighting, we offer 4-hour exterior services that focus on addressing issues around your yard.


Check out the exterior services we offer for your yard:

Person hammering wooden boards on deck

Landscaping Issues

Whether your flower beds are rotting or your weeds are out of control, our expert team will address any landscaping issues occurring around your home’s exterior.


Perhaps your trees and shrubbery provide much-needed shade in the summer months. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to maintain healthy grass underneath.


Let us address your landscaping issue to ensure that your yard is stunning and healthy!

Yard Grade

Yard grade is an important factor when it comes to ensuring that water from rain or snowmelt drains properly and doesn’t create standing water around your yard.


If you find that water pools around your foundation, it could be that you have negative grading. Let our team fix this by changing the slope and creating a positive grade.


Allowing water to pool around your foundation can cause major problems down the road.

Patios and Fences

While patios provide the perfect space to enjoy the outdoors, the structures themselves can suffer from heaving and cracking.


Residential Maintenance Services can inspect your patio, check the railings and take a look at other areas of wear-and-tear that can lead to safety issues.


Your fences are also not immune to wearing down and we can make sure they are free from rot as well as freshen them up with a new coat of paint.

Play Structures

When you have play structures in your yard that your little ones enjoy playing on, it’s important to ensure that these structures are safe.


Allow our team to inspect swingsets, trampolines and other fun outdoor structures so that your children can have fun in the sun worry-free.

Exterior Lighting

Bright sunny days are not the only time you should be enjoying your yard! Exterior lighting provides you the opportunity to enjoy your home’s exterior space well into the evening.


We will check your landscape’s lighting operation as well as maintain any installed exterior lights around your home.

Exterior Hoses

In order to prepare your home’s exterior for the winter, our team at Residential Maintenance Services will remove any hoses from exterior hose bibs and reinstall them in the spring.


This procedure can be completed as part of our regular spring/fall service.

Sidewalks and Driveways

When mold, dirt, moss and vehicle fluid residues continuously collect on your home’s driveway and sidewalks, it fills in the small holes of concrete and creates a smoother and less porous surface.


The result is less traction and increased erosion. Over time, these surfaces can become slick and dangerous - especially during winter when ice and snow build up on these surfaces.


Let us maintain your sidewalk and driveway surfaces to ensure the safety of your family, friends and loved ones.

Your Home, Handled.

RMS offers a pre-scheduled service program that allows our technicians to service these items proactively, thereby identifying minor issues before they become major repairs.


We understand that every Edmonton property is different, so we are proud to offer unique plans based on your requirements!

  • Quarterly: These services are performed four times per year on a seasonal basis and include a comprehensive list of items requiring attention.

  • Semi-Annual and Summer: This hybrid program offers twice-yearly service of your home’s most important interior items in the spring and fall as well as a summer inspection of your home’s exterior.

  • Semi-Annual: Best suited for townhouses and similar homes, this package includes a twice-yearly service performed at spring/summer and fall/winter intervals.

  • Condo: Our condominium program includes twice-yearly services on a made-to-measure basis performed at spring/summer and fall/winter intervals. This package only includes interior and emergency services.

Let’s Get in Touch!

Are you ready to have your yard inspected and serviced? Get in touch with RMS today!


Have an emergency? We can help with that too! Our Emergency Call Centre is available 24-7 to dispatch the right personnel to your home when the need arises.

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