Residential Maintenance Services Program

Our program ensures your home is maintained and repaired quickly and efficiently.

Contract Home Maintenance Program 

  • Initial Visit – A Certified Home Technician documents all of the major systems in the home. He then services your home from a seasonal activities list of over 400 items.
  • Prescheduled Service Calls – On a prearranged basis (generally every three months) a Certified Home Technician visits your home to perform seasonal servicing. During these visits, the Certified Home Technician is continually identifying areas that will require repair.

    Since the Certified Home Technician has already documented the major components of your home in the initial visit, he will have the necessary repair/service parts with him.

Customized Home Maintenance Programs 

RMS has programs to address different styles of homes, whether a single family dwelling, condominium, townhouse, or tenant occupied facility. Each program has been developed to minimize the homeowner’s involvement while ensuring quality maintenance.