Your Time is Valuable

Why spend your valuable time performing repairs or chasing down contractors?

  • Guaranteed, pre-scheduled appointments make it easier for you to plan your activities.
  • Hassle free involvement in day-to-day maintenance and repairs allows you more time to do what’s important to you.
  • A 24-hour emergency telephone number means help is available whenever you need it.

Market Value Retention

You’ve made a significant investment in your home – both in terms of time and cost.

  • A proactive approach maintains the investment you have in your home.
  • Our prescheduled maintenance program can help you avoid costly mishaps and repairs.
  • Bundled services are considerably less than paying for reactive services.

Service is Key

You can expect the highest possible service from RMS.

  • Our bonded Certified Home Technicians will not compromise quality in the delivery of services.
  • We have an extensive list of strategic trade partners to support any major repairs your home may need.
  • We offer time-guaranteed reporting.