Zone Location Symptom Risks Costs Recommended Action
1 Tub and Shower Failed caulking, grout, softflooring Rooted flooring, structuraldamage $5,000-up Inspect caulking, crawl area; re-caulk, grout, seal as needed
2 Roof Curled or missing shingles, roof debris, moss Roof leaks; water damage to floors, walls $15,000-up Inspect and clean roof, flashings, skylights; remove debris quarterly
3 Gutters and downspouts Debris, leaky seams, inadequate drainage Damage to foundation, siding, gutters and eaves $1,000-$75,000 Inspect and clean gutters, downspouts, drainage quarterly
4 Water heater Rust, dirty water, leaks, lack of heat Water heater bursts, house floods, floors destroyed $5,000-$15,000 Inspect, clean, and flush water heater annually; replace anode rod
5 Doors and windows Leaks, gaps or cracks in caulk, wood damage Walls, windows, trim, siding need replacement $5,000-$15,000 Inspect flashing, caulking, paint and weather stripping annually
6 Furnace Soot at vents, doors, broken, flues and ducting; high utility bills Carbon monoxide poisoning $200-up Test, inspect and service furnace and filters, test for toxic gas emissions annually
7 Deck Splitting, rot, weathering, lifting nails, splinters, loose railing Deck failure, premature replacement, and safety hazards $6,000-up Inspect, clean, seal wood annually, reset nails, replace boards
8 Garage door Loose hardware, noise, faulty reverser, spring malfunction, jerky Personal injury, damage to car, failure of door opener $750-up Inspect, test, lubricate, tighten and adjust hardware of door and reverser annually
9 Sinks Leaks under sinks, clogs, rusted traps, faulty shut-off valves Damage to cabinets, walls, floors, and rot $600-up Inspect, test and service plumbing annually. Early detection is key.
10 Attic and crawl space Insufficient ventilation, moisture, mildew, rodents, insects, foundation cracks Hidden rot, foundation damage, and structural damage $5,000-up Inspect spaces
and foundation, ensure adequate ventilation